Dynamics AX Workspaces

With the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX (previously known as AX7), Microsoft has introduced the concept of a Workspace, which replaces the Role Centre known from previous versions of Dynamics AX.

In my experience, the Role Centre never caught on because it was perceived as difficult to customise and a “nice-to-have” from a customer perspective. With Workspaces, I believe this is about to change for two reasons:

  • A Workspace is a “native” Dynamics AX component.
  • The Workspace is simpler and more intuitive for the user.

When a user opens the new Dynamics AX browser-based client, they are immediately presented with their Dashboard showing available workspaces as shown in the following screenshot:

Workspace_InvoiceEntry 2.PNG

If, for instance you select the Sales order processing and inquiry Workspace, you get the following view as standard:

Workspace_InvoiceEntry 3

Clicking on one of the tiles automatically brings up the related screen or view. If I click on the Unconfirmed tile, I get an overview of all unconfimed sales orders as shown here:

Workspace_InvoiceEntry 4.PNG

As you can see, the view is presented in the sales order entry screen allowing me to quickly action one or more unconfirmed orders by using the buttons in the ribbon.

By right-clicking on a tile, I am able to personalise that tile by changing its name, hiding it etc. In this example I choose to pin it to the Dashboard.

The Sales order processing and inquiry tile on the Dashboard now displays a link to unconfimed orders and in addition to this, the number of unconfirmed orders as shown below:

Workspace_InvoiceEntry 6

In this way, the user is able to rename, hide, remove or re-order the sequence of elements in their Dahsboard and Workspaces.

As the following example shows, Workspaces can also contain PowerBI reports:

Workspace_InvoiceEntry 7.PNG

The above is an example from the Cost analysis Workspace.

In my view, a lot more Dynamics AX users will take up these new Dashboard and Workspaces features because they are much simpler to use and more intuitive than what went before with Role Centres.

If you go to the Microsoft Dynamics Help WiKi and search for “Workspaces” you get a lot more insights into how Dashboards and Workspaces can be designed, built and customised.



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